Jewgether | Bringing Jewish people together

About Us

Our Mission
Jewgether’s mission is to encourage Jews from all over the world to open their homes, minds, and hearts to each other. We believe that the way to strengthen the Jewish community is to foster mutual understanding and personal relationships both locally and globally. Through opportunities to “stay”, “travel”, or “hang out” with other Jews, our users will broaden their perspectives by meeting others around the world who share a Jewish identity.

Jewgether's 3 main goals are to:
  • Enhance relationships within Jewish communities around the world.
  • Promote relationships between Jews in the diaspora and the people of Israel.
  • Strengthen the Jewish identity of Jews all over the world. 

Our Supporters
Jewgether would like to thank and express appreciation to the donors listed below. We are thankful for the financial and moral support and moreover – for the belief in Jewgether's vision and goals.